With three weeks left in the season, CF Ken Griffey Jr. is pressuring the Mariners to upgrade the team this winter or trade him.

The Mariners have heard those sentiments before, but it has more urgency as Griffey and SS Alex Rodriguez enter what could be the final weeks of their Seattle careers.

"To me, I figure if they can't work anything out with Alex by spring training, they're going to trade him," Griffey told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer in yesterday's editions. "And if I don't sign anything by April, they're going to look to trade me, because the one thing I don't think they want is having to deal with the Randy Johnson situation all over again."

After months of dealing with LHP Johnson in a contract dispute, the Mariners traded him to Houston in July 1998.

Griffey and Rodriguez both are eligible for free agency after the 2000 season. The Mariners won't talk about trading either star.

"What the team fails to realize is that I'm going to get paid whether I stay or go, so it's not about the money," he said. "It's about getting a winning team, having a city fall in love with the players on the field, having an organization that will, number one, do anything for the player and their family, and also if the team needs something, be creative enough to go get it."

THREE MILL: The Yankees reached the 3 million mark in home attendance for the first time in franchise history yesterday, breaking the barrier with a sellout crowd against Boston.

The AL East leaders drew 56,028 to see Boston at Yankee Stadium, giving them a season total of 3,016,505 with seven home dates left.