Notre Dame has reported three possible rules violations to the NCAA, including one in which a part-time tutor wrote a paper for an athlete.

The athlete no longer is at Notre Dame and the tutor was fired, the school said in a statement Friday. The university's statement also disclosed an athlete's alleged misuse of complimentary tickets and an allegation that an athlete received extra benefits. The identities of the individuals involved were not disclosed by school officials.

Notre Dame's statement came just days after senior reserve quarterback Eric Chappell, who was dropped from the team for "internal team discipline," was reported to have been involved in the ticket and extra benefits cases. Notre Dame's student newspaper, the Observer, quoted an anonymous source in Thursday's editions as saying Chappell offered to sell him and a 1998 Notre Dame graduate two tickets for the Sept. 4 Notre Dame-Michigan game for $50 each.

The source said he had previously received free tickets from Chappell and other players and claimed the 1998 graduate had given Chappell at least a dozen gifts over the last 18 months. Chappell has told the Tribune of South Bend all the allegations are false.