A fan came onto the field in Milwaukee and attacked Houston Astros RF Bill Spiers in the sixth inning of last night's game against the Brewers.

As the Brewers came to bat, the spectator jumped Spiers from behind and knocked him to the ground. The entire Astros bench came to Spiers's defense. Mike Hampton, the starting pitcher, raced out and pummeled the spectator as other teammates tried to separate Hampton from the attacker. Astros relievers jumped over the bullpen wall in center field and joined the melee.

Spiers left momentarily with a welt under his left eye and a bloody nose, but stayed in the game. Hampton was visibly upset by the attack. The unidentified attacker, 23, from South Beloit, Ill., was handcuffed and led off the field by Milwaukee County sheriff's deputies. The sheriff's office said there would be no official identification of him unless charges are filed. He will be formally charged Monday, a Brewers spokesman said. The spectator faces two counts of battery -- one for attacking Spiers, the other for slugging a ground crew member who was defending the pitcher -- and one count of disorderly conduct.

ROCKIN' NIGHT: A crowd that included many Mets fans was late arriving because of a busy night in south Philadelphia. Across the street, the Rangers and Flyers played an NHL exhibition game at First Union Center, and Bruce Springsteen gave a concert at the Spectrum.

SMELLING LIKE A ROSE: With a double in the fourth last night, Doug Glanville is four hits away from becoming the first Phillies player with 200 hits since Pete Rose had 208 in 1979.