The Indians sold out about 10,000 tickets yesterday for three potential World Series games at Jacobs Field.

The World Series tickets, along with 3,500 for the AL championship series, went on sale at 8 a.m. over the telephone and on the Internet. The tickets were sold out by 9 a.m.

Tickets offered to the general public were those not previously committed to Major League Baseball or the team's season-ticket holders.

The Indians have clinched the AL Central Division title. Last season, the Indians lost to the Yankees, the eventual World Series champion, in the AL championship series.

EXPENSIVE JERSEY: A jersey worn by Ty Cobb in 1928 when he played for the Philadelphia Athletics was the hit of Sotheby's baseball memorabilia auction.

It sold for $332,500, disappointing potential bidders who had been lured by the low estimate of $50,000 to $100,000. Cobb's signature made the jersey especially valuable, and so did the fact that it was the Hall of Famer's final year in baseball.

The jersey was purchased by Dave Bushing, a dealer, on behalf of the baseball card manufacturer Upper Deck.

On Friday night, Bushing bought a Yankees' road jersey worn by Lou Gehrig in 1927 for $305,000. The purchase also was on behalf of Upper Deck.

One of the most famous baseball cards, the Honus Wagner T206 from 1909, went to dealer Steve Verkman for $85,000. The card had been owned by Wagner and was part of an uncut proof strip containing faces of four other players.

The items were part of the memorabilia collection of Barry Halper, a Yankees minority owner. The auction will continue this week.