Fireworks exploded in the stadium. Younger teammates doused each other with champagne. Randy Johnson and Matt Williams stood away from the excitement, talking calmly about the task ahead.

The Arizona Diamondbacks, who went from an expansion team and last place to NL West champion in one season, had a mostly subdued celebration Friday night after clinching the title with an 11-3 win over the San Francisco Giants.

For experienced players such as Johnson and Williams, the temptation to whoop it up was overcome by the need to focus on preparing for the playoffs.

"There's a lot of veterans on this club that have been in the postseason before, and your motivation now is to get the home field advantage," said Johnson, who pitched a five-hitter to beat the Giants.

While Johnson stood calmly at his locker, a few feet from celebrating teammates, Williams sat in front of his cubicle and quietly talked about the future.

"Come tomorrow, we have to start focusing on the next step," Williams said. "Considering what happened last year, we've come through a rough period."

Johnson, the biggest acquisition during an offseason spending spree that turned the expansion Diamondbacks into champions, struck out 11 and had an RBI single as Arizona clinched the division title a year after losing 97 games.

As the Diamondbacks celebrated in their clubhouse, fireworks went off in the stadium -- part of a promotion scheduled by the Giants long before they realized they could be hosting a clinching party by Arizona.

"It's tough to watch," Giants Manager Dusty Baker said of the celebration.

Arizona became the first expansion club to win a division title in less than eight years. The Florida Marlins, who won a World Series in their fifth year, were a wild-card team in that 1997 season.