Former Minnesota men's basketball coach Clem Haskins allegedly asked an academic counselor in 1986 to write a paper for a player to keep him eligible to play.

That disclosure came from a memo from counselor Rick Marsden that was obtained by investigators examining academic fraud at the University of Minnesota.

Marsden wrote in the memo about "a disturbing interaction" he had with Haskins. He wrote that a player's eligibility was in jeopardy and that Haskins told him "we" must "do whatever it takes to get [the student] eligible. . . . Clem said that if someone doing a paper for an athlete would allow him the opportunity to be eligible to compete, and therefore succeed, we need to do the paper for him."

Haskins, who resigned under pressure and accepted a $1.5 million buyout of his contract in June, has said he had no knowledge of any academic cheating.

* FINAL SEASON: Texas Tech RB Ricky Williams, out for the season with a knee injury, said yesterday he probably will not ask the NCAA for another year of eligibility.

"I really don't know, but in my mind I really don't want to," Williams, a junior, said during a news conference.

"I really would like next year to be my last year here playing football at Texas Tech. I love Texas Tech a lot and it has done a lot for me, but I think next year I'll be able to graduate with the classmates I came here with."