Ryder Cup Brouhaha?

Hey, It's Only a Game

I'm writing regarding Thomas Boswell's column "The Ryder Cup, a Tarnished Finish" (Sept. 28). I found the article and the writer's opinion really interesting. However, I believe that we need to remind ourselves that the Ryder Cup is a game. All this talk about ethics, morals and history are really silly when you look at what they are being referred to, a mere game. When I played high school sports, I learned early on that you have to deal with heckling and people playing little mind games with you. You're not playing in Buckingham Palace, but in a place where the common fan has access and, like the common fan, people get excited, cocky and act like kids at times. After all, it's only a game.

It's not a pretty thing, but neither is all the pathetic belly-aching. I believe an athlete who can compete in a diverse situation is far better and more accomplished than one who requires sheer and utter silence to make a shot. People need to grow up!

I guess the base of the problem here is that I'm sick of adults acting like little children when it comes to playing a game, regardless of whether it's hockey, football or an overly pompous and aristocratic game of golf. You should apply your high ethics and morals to politics, or better yet, diplomacy.


Montgomery Village

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