Baltimore Ravens left tackle Jonathan Ogden, who suffered a cervical strain in the team's victory Sunday at Atlanta, is questionable for this Sunday's game at Tennessee and may not practice this week, team trainer Bill Tessendorf said.

Ogden (St. Albans) spent today watching film at the team's training facility, getting treatment and relaxing his neck muscles in a hot tub.

"It feels pretty good right now," Ogden said. "I'm doing pretty good, just feel a little sore."

He said he spent an uncomfortable night wearing a cervical collar, with his pain medication wearing off about 2 a.m. But besides being sleepy, stiff and sore, Ogden was none the worse for wear after his close call.

Still, Tessendorf said the team will be cautious about allowing Ogden to return to action.

"There's some discussion about whether we'll put him in a collar to prevent the lateral motion," he said. "A lot of it will depend on what he feels like when he returns. He's got to be feeling good before he'll be put out there again."

Ogden was jumping over a pile of players when he was struck in the head by another player's leg. He lay on the field for several minutes before being strapped onto a backboard and taken to Piedmont Hospital for further tests. A CAT scan revealed no damage to his spine.

The hit came "on one of the nerve roots [and] put some pressure, which caused the nerve irritation in his right arm," Tessendorf said. "He had full movement of all the extremities. . . . But because it wasn't resolving [itself on the field], that's why we used the extra caution."

While lying on the field, Ogden thought about what the 15 people he had brought to the game were thinking when he went down. Ogden's grandfather met him when he came off the field and Ogden reassured him he was okay.

"I was just saying I hope people don't sit there and think it's real serious," Ogden said. "Because I knew it wasn't one of those things that would take you out of the game forever. . . . I've got to let people know it's not as bad as it looks."

Tessendorf also said right tackle Harry Swayne and defensive tackle Larry Webster are questionable for the Tennessee game. Swayne has a left ankle contusion or strain. Webster has turf toe.

"It depends how they come around," Tessendorf said. "I've been very pleased so far with what's come in."