While the Washington Redskins' offense has been piling up the points under the direction of quarterback Brad Johnson, backup Rodney Peete would like nothing more than to play a few series Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles, his former team. Failing that, Peete has been hard at work this week doing what he can to help prepare Johnson and the rest of the offense for the game at Veterans Stadium.

"I definitely want to beat them," Peete said. "I'd love to get into the ballgame and have a chance to play a little bit."

The Redskins are facing a radically retooled Eagles team, led by first-year coach Andy Reid, who brought in offensive coordinator Rod Dowhower and defensive coordinator Jim Johnson.

"With a new defensive staff, it's not the same defense; it's a little bit different," Peete said. "But as far as personnel goes, there are things I'm trying to help Brad out with, in the way that Troy [Vincent, the left cornerback] and Bobby [Taylor, the right cornerback] play--their tendencies and what blocks we're liable to get on them better than other ones."

Last season Peete led the 0-5 Eagles to a 17-12 victory over the 0-5 Redskins at Veterans Stadium. He ran 19 yards for one touchdown and threw a three-yard pass for another score.

He and the Eagles parted ways on April 28, when he was traded to the Redskins for a sixth-round draft pick. The Eagles selected quarterback Donovan McNabb with the second overall pick in the draft, making Peete's prospects for playing time remote.

"I wanted to move on, and they were able to accommodate me in that respect, so it wasn't a total negative thing, me leaving there," Peete said. "I don't have that deep animosity toward that organization or anything like that."

If veteran wide receiver Irving Fryar is bitter about his departure from the Eagles, having been given few options other than retirement, he is not saying. After retiring and starting a broadcasting career, Fryar was coaxed back to the game by the Redskins in August.

He hasn't been shy this week about expressing his wishes to play against the Eagles. During practice Wednesday, he ran to the sideline to ask owner Daniel M. Snyder, only half in jest, if he could get some plays called for Fryar on Sunday.

"There are a lot of friends of mine that are on that team," Fryar said. "You go out and compete, and when the smoke clears, you shake hands, you kiss each other and we're back playing somebody else the next week."

Coleman to Start

Defensive end Marco Coleman is almost recovered from the knee infection that left him hospitalized Monday night. He will start on Sunday, and trainer Bubba Tyer doesn't expect him to be slowed by the ailment. . . . The decision on whether to activate defensive tackle Marc Boutte likely will be made on Sunday, shortly before the game. Boutte has been suffering from a strained abdominal muscle. He was inactive against Buffalo, and defensive tackle Doug Brown was activated in his place. . . . Listed as inactive for Sunday are: fullback Larry Bowie, defensive end Ndukwe Kalu, guard Keith Sims and defensive tackle Barron Tanner.