Isaiah Rider wants to become the focus of the Hawks' offense, or he wants out.

"Make me the man, like [former guard] Steve Smith was, or get me out of here," Rider said after the Hawks' 102-97 overtime loss Wednesday night to the Grizzlies.

Coach Lenny Wilkens would not comment on Rider's remarks. GM Pete Babcock described Rider's performance as "less than professional."

"There are still no surprises from [Rider], but that doesn't prevent us from being disappointed from time to time," he said.

Rider, who scored only five points and made just 2 of 7 shots in 14 minutes at Vancouver, didn't hide his disappointment with the Hawks.

"This is not a strong team," he said. "That's why you got to give [the ball] to me. Everybody knows I can score. I've scored against double-teams my whole career. . . . I'm there with every one of the best [No.] 2 guards. Through good times, bad times."

The Hawks acquired Rider and Jim Jackson in an offseason trade that cost them Smith, their leading scorer. Rider said he doesn't care that he's not a starter, "As long as I get my minutes.

"People on this team don't move," he said. "When you're on a team [that doesn't] have a lot of scorers, you give me room, you got to move, set screens and rebound. That's been my whole thing since preseason. . . .

"I've not been outplayed by nobody--and I need to be the man on this team."