Steve Yzerman isn't fond of the new NHL overtime format, which he calls gimmicky. The Red Wings' captain has no gripe with the 4-on-4 format, which creates more skating room. But he dislikes changing the rules to reduce the number of tie games.

"What's wrong with a tie?" Yzerman said after the Red Wings tied the Maple Leafs, 1-1, Saturday night. "They played 70, 80 years with ties and the game seemed to do just fine. They make so many changes . . . when I don't think there was anything wrong with the game in the first place.

"They're getting gimmicky now, and anything more is just going to make it more gimmicky."

CORSON KEEPS ON: Having played his 600th game as a Canadien, Shayne Corson hopes he has a few more in his future. Corson, who has been mentioned in trade rumors, led the Canadiens to a 4-2 victory over the Thrashers Saturday night.

"I'm proud to wear this uniform and I hope that I retire as a Canadien," he said after scoring his first goal of the season and giving the team an emotional lift by fighting Kelly Buchberger.

"I'm finally healthy," said Corson, who criticized his teammates earlier this year for a lack of pride. "I missed 10 games [with ulcerated colitis] and I lost about 15 pounds. I'm still about five or six pounds below what I was, but I feel good and maybe I'll stay where I am."