On a day when four races were decided by less than a minute, Young America had an easy victory in the America's Cup challenger series.

Young America sailed the course on its own today to win when the Swiss syndicate, Fast 2000, did not start after snapping a mast during Friday's race. The Americans picked up nine points for the win to move into seventh place in the 11-team competition.

Young America crew member Jim Brady predicted the syndicate's fortunes will improve.

All eyes have been on the New York Yacht Club after its problems in the second round, when one boat nearly sank and the second boat was damaged in the testing seas.

A Spanish offer to loan a mast to the Fast 2000 team was rejected by other challengers as outside the protocols governing the cup -- Swiss appeals to syndicates' better natures, citing the "friendly" nature of the contest, were dismissed.

Fast 2000 will decide by Sunday whether they can fix its yacht's only mast.

Points Standings

Prada 64

AmericaOne 63

Nippon 56.5

America True 47

Stars and Stripes 45.5

Spanish Challenge 35

Young America 33

Abracadabra 25

Le Defi Francais 23

Young Australia 9

Fast 2000 8

Results yesterday in the third round robin of the Louis Vuitton Cup challenger series for the America's Cup in Auckland's Hauraki Gulf:

Nippon def. Stars and Stripes by 45 seconds.

Le Defi Francais def. Abracadabra by 46 seconds.

AmericaOne def. Young Australia by 55 seconds.

Spanish Challenge def. America True by 22 seconds.

Young America def. Fast 2000, which did not start.

Bye: Prada.