Virginia junior tailback Antwoine Womack was found guilty of one count of misdemeanor assault and battery today in Albemarle County Circuit Court for his role in a campus brawl last February.

Womack had been charged with two counts of felony malicious wounding of former Virginia students Jonathan Dean and Cabral Thornton. Womack was found not guilty of one charge, against Thornton, but was found guilty of misdemeanor assault against Dean.

Womack received a $1,000 fine. It is not known if the conviction will affect Womack's playing status. Womack voluntarily redshirted this season and has two years of eligibility remaining. Womack declined to comment after the jury's verdict. Cavaliers Coach George Welsh and Athletic Director Terry Holland could not be reached.

Two co-defendants, former Virginia defensive back Adrian Burnim and Kevin D. Cromartie, were found guilty of two counts of misdemeanor assault and battery.

The charges stemmed from a fight in which Womack, Burnim and Cromartie were among five people accused of beating Dean and Thornton. The other two were former Virginia defensive back Devon Simmons and former Cavaliers linebacker John Duckett.

Thornton testified on Tuesday that Womack did not strike him. Dean testified Womack stood over him after the others had beaten him severely. Dean said he kicked Womack away and Womack responded by kicking him six times. Womack has yet to face charges from the student-run judiciary committee.