Before World War II and for a few years afterward, the major automakers offered what was known as a "sedan delivery," a light panel truck mounted on a car chassis. The 1937 Chevrolet sedan delivery was based on the GB line of the Master sedan series. Chevrolet also offered a coupe delivery, which was the Master Series business coupe with a spare tire mounted in the right front fender, a cargo box inside the luggage compartment and steel steps mounted on the rear bumper. The coupes also came equipped with a trunk lid that could be easily bolted onto the car once the cargo box was removed. The sedan delivery, with a rear door for the cargo space, was much more self-contained. The sedan delivery was sold as part of Chevrolet's passenger-car line.


Price $595

Engine 206.8-cubic-inch six-cylinder

Horsepower 79 at 3,200 rpm

Wheelbase 112 1/4 inches

Weight 2,810 pounds

Seating capacity 2


Year 1937

President Franklin D. Roosevelt

U.S. population 128.9 million

Dow Jones industrial average (year-end) 120.85

Academy Award movie "Life of Emile Zola"

Milestone Minimum wage for

women upheld by

Supreme Court