Satirically Speaking

Thomas Boswell sure had me going with his column on Orlando Brown in Wednesday's edition of The Post ("In Case of Brown, NFL Should Temper Its Punishment"). Then, after reading the column, I realized Mr. Boswell must be writing a satirical piece, as no one serious about behavior in sports could misinterpret what Orlando Brown did to referee Jeff Triplette.

Mr. Boswell could have also mentioned the excellent message to those watching the game on how to react to an innocent, freak accident. Or Mr. Boswell could have made the point that if you grow up with concerns about your eyesight, you might want to consider taking measures such as wearing eye protection to keep dirt, wayward fingers and other flying objects from injuring you.

Of course, Mr. Boswell was writing a satirical article, so he did hint that given Orlando Brown's family eye problems, that kind of made his actions okay -- that rather than taking the preventative measures to protect his eyes, it's easier and faster to just knock someone down.

Mr. Boswell really sold me when he mentioned that a one-game, symbolic suspension should be just about the right penalty (considering Orlando Brown will probably be out of this week's game anyway). Nothing is as funny as holding accountable a man who admits his pain affected his judgment to the point that he broke one of the most sacred rules -- not touching the referee -- with a symbolic punishment. Now there's some satire!

Rick Sandelli


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