A Phillies prospect unaccounted for following Venezuela's flood disaster was found safe Friday.

Henry Brito, 17, called Phillies scout Jesus "Chalao" Mendez on Friday morning from Maracaibo, Venezuela, where his family was airlifted after his house in La Guaira was destroyed, Phillies international scouting supervisor Sal Agostinelli said.

Brito said the family home and three automobiles were lost in the flooding, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

Agostinelli said Brito and his family, as well as two other Phillies prospects from La Guaira, will be able to stay in the team's new baseball academy in Victoria, Venezuela, until they can find permanent housing.

Brito, a right fielder signed in April, played on the La Victoria team during the Venezuelan summer league, hitting .236 in 50 games. He is not playing in the country's winter league.

Brito was one of 11 Phillies prospects on the team in La Victoria, which also includes prospects of the Brewers and Giants.

GUERRERO SEEKS DISMISSAL: Former major league star Pedro Guerrero wants his cocaine conspiracy charges thrown out. He said federal drug agents failed to tell him he could contact the Dominican Embassy before he was questioned.

His lawyers recently sought a dismissal in Miami federal court. Guerrero, who was arrested in September and charged with trying to buy 33 pounds of cocaine from undercover agents and is now free on $100,000 bail, contends Drug Enforcement Agency investigators did not inform him of his rights under the 1963 Vienna Convention.

Guerrero, 43, is a Dominican citizen who lives in Miami. He was a four-time all-star with the Dodgers and the 1981 World Series co-MVP. He also played for the Cardinals before retiring in 1992.