There's a reason to save your old ties. Fashion trends are cyclical, even in trucks. Take Chevrolet's "crew cab" pickup. Built primarily for the commercial market, the Big Dooley--so nicknamed for the dual tires on the rear axle--was designed to help utility and railroad crews get to their jobs in comparative comfort in a truck built for work. Today, the crew-cab pickup is the latest trend in sport-utility vehicles. Ford will sell you a $31,900 SuperCrew pickup with four doors, four-wheel drive, leather seats, cup holders and a short pickup bed. Chevrolet will soon be offering a similar truck--the new Silverado 3500 Big Dooley, with a full-size pickup bed. The idea of a four-dour pickup truck for use at home or work is not new. International Harvester trucks introduced a three-door, six-passenger Travelette Utility Pickup in 1958. Save your ties.


Price $4,296

Engine 454-cubic-inch V-8

Horsepower 245 at 4,000 rpm

Wheelbase 135.5 inches

Passenger capacity 6


Year 1974

President Richard M. Nixon

Median family income $12,902

Dow Jones industrial average (year-end) 616.24

Academy Award movie "The Godfather,

Part II"

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