Washington Redskins player personnel director Vinny Cerrato met with Florida State wide receiver Peter Warrick this morning at the Redskins' hotel here.

The meeting, which also included Redskins director of player development Joe Mendes and Warrick's agent, Michael George, was held primarily so all the parties could get acquainted before April's college draft. Warrick also was in the stands for the Redskins' NFC semifinal today against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Redskins have the second, 12th and 24th overall picks in the draft. Team officials have spoken with the San Francisco 49ers about a trade in which the Redskins would give up the 12th and 24th picks in exchange for San Francisco's pick--the third overall. Such a deal could enable the Redskins to bolster the defensive ranks by selecting Penn State's standout linebacker, LaVar Arrington, and his teammate, defensive end Courtney Brown.

The only other player the Redskins are eyeing now with their top pick is Warrick, an all-American whose off-field troubles cost him a shot at the Heisman Trophy. Redskins officials have indicated they won't move below third overall in the draft to ensure that they come away with Warrick, Arrington or Brown.

Most NFL observers expect the Cleveland Browns to select Warrick with the first overall pick in the draft.

Unwanted Attention

Kipp Vickers, filling in for left tackle Andy Heck, who was out because of a torn hamstring, played well for three quarters. But Vickers gave up a critical fourth-quarter sack of Brad Johnson, which led to a fumble that Tampa Bay defensive tackle Warren Sapp recovered. The Buccaneers scored the game-winning touchdown on the possession that followed.

"Unfortunately, the position I play, that's the only time you tend to stand out: when something bad happens to you," Vickers said. Vickers said he saw the ball spurt out of Johnson's hands and disappear under Buccaneers jerseys.

"I saw it, and it seems like at those moments you're kind of paralyzed," Vickers said. "You can't get to it. I saw it. I tried to scramble. I don't know what happened after that. I saw them fall on it."

Southern Hospitality

Redskins owner Daniel M. Snyder was delighted to find an etched glass likeness of the Redskins logo in the visiting owner's box upon his arrival at Raymond James Stadium. The artwork was a gesture by Buccaneers owner Malcolm Glazer. . . .

Several Redskins with Florida ties were well represented by family and friends in the stadium today. Among those with 25 or more guests each were quarterback Brad Johnson, a Florida State graduate; backup quarterback Casey Weldon, a four-year letterman at Florida State and native of Tallahassee; defensive end Kenard Lang, an Orlando native and Miami graduate; and wide receiver Albert Connell, a Fort Lauderdale native. . . .

Verbal Sparring

Wide receiver Michael Westbrook's mid-week comment that Tampa Bay's defensive backs were "average" made the Buccaneers' bulletin board the next day and made Westbrook a target in the game. The comment that so riled the Buccaneers was: "The secondary, to me, is average. The defensive line makes them look good." Westbrook was held to just one catch for four yards.

Staff writer Mark Maske contributed to this report.