As president of basketball operations, Michael Jordan will be asked to improve the Washington Wizards' fortunes in the NBA draft and attract free agent talent:

Wizards Draft Picks in the 1990s

Year Rd. Overall Player Pos.

With Team Status

1990 2 35 Greg Foster C

2 yrs.

Waived by team in December 1992, spent four seasons with Utah, where he helped team to two NBA Finals.

1990 2 37 A.J. English G

2 yrs.

Avg. 2.1 points; left as free agent after 1992 season.

1991 1 19 LaBradford Smith G

2 yrs.

Averaged 2.3 points, waived December 1993.

1992 1 6 Tom Gugliotta F

2 yrs.

Traded to Golden State for Chris Webber; has averaged 16.7 points per game in career; currently with Phoenix.

1992 2 32 Brent Price G

4 yrs.

Avg. 10 points in '95-96; currently on Vancouver's roster.

1993 1 6 Calbert Cheaney G

6 yrs.

Averaged 12.7 points during Wizards career; signed by Boston as free agent last summer, averaging 4.0 points.

1993 2 30 Gheorghe Muresan C

5 yrs.

Averaged 10.5 points during Wizards career; averaging 2.2 points for New Jersey.

1993 2 38 Conrad McRae F

0 yrs.

Opted to play in Turkey.

1994 1 5 Juwan Howard F

5 yrs.

Averaging a career-low 14.5 points per game (high 22.1 in 1995-96).

1994 2 32 Jim McIlvaine C

2 yrs.

Signed by Seattle as free agent in 1996; averaging 2.2 points, 3.1 rebounds for Nets.

1995 1 4 Rasheed Wallace F

1 yr.

Traded to Portland for Rod Strickland; leads Trail Blazers with 15.7 points per game, 7.0 rebounds.

1996 2 55 Ronnie Henderson G

O yrs.

Cut during training camp.

1997 2 46 God Shammgod G

1 yr.

Waived February 1999; averaged 3.1 ppg.

1997 2 48 Predrag Drobnjak C

0 yrs.

Opted to play in Yugoslavia.

1998 2 43 Jahidi White C

2 yrs.

Starter averaging 6.4 points, 6.4 rebounds per game.

1999 1 7 Richard Hamilton G


Averaging 8.0 points per game.

1999 2 35 Calvin Booth C


Has been placed on the team's injured list.

Wizards Trades in the 1990s




June 1990

To Utah: Jeff Malone (three-team deal with Sacramento)

Pervis Ellison

Oct. 1990

To Sacramento: Steve Colter

Byron Irvin

Sept. 1991

To Detroit: Darrell Walker

Second-round draft picks in 1993 and 1994 or 1995

Oct. 1992

To L.A. Clippers: John Williams

Don MacLean, William Bedford

Feb. 1992

To Charlotte: Tom Hammonds

Rex Chapman

June 1993

To Portland: Harvey Grant

Kevin Duckworth, future considerations

Aug. 1994

To Charlotte: Michael Adams

Second-round draft picks in 1996 and 1997

Nov. 1994

To Golden State: Tom Gugliotta and first-round picks in 1996, 1998, 2000

Chris Webber

June 1995

To Miami: Rex Chapman, draft rights to Terrence Rencher

Draft rights to Jeff Webster, Ed Stokes

Oct. 1995

To Denver: Don MacLean, Doug Overton

Robert Pack

Oct. 1995

To Milwaukee: Kevin Duckworth

Bob McCann

July 1996

To Portland: Rasheed Wallace, Mitchell Butler

Rod Strickland, Harvey Grant

May 1998

To Sacramento: Chris Webber

Mitch Richmond, Otis Thorpe

Aug. 1999

To Orlando: Ben Wallace, Terry Davis, Tim Legler, Jeff McInnis

Isaac Austin

Players Who Left the Wizards via Free Agency

Year Player (Team signed with)

1999 Calbert Cheaney (Boston)

1999 Otis Thorpe (Miami)

1999 Harvey Grant (Philadelphia)

1999 Gheorghe Muresan (New Jersey)

1997 Jaren Jackson (San Antonio)

1996 Juwan Howard (Miami, contract nullified by NBA, re-signed as a free agent by Washington 21 days later)

1996 Mark Price (Golden State)

1996 Robert Pack (New Jersey)

1996 Brent Price (Houston)

1996 Jim McIlvaine (Seattle)

1995 Scott Skiles (Philadelphia)

1995 Larry Stewart (expansion draft to Vancouver)

1994 Pervis Ellison (Boston)

1992 David Wingate (Charlotte)

1991 Haywoode Workman (Indiana via Italy)

Draft Choices Sent to Other Teams in the 1990s

Year Rd. Pick Sent to Player Selected

1998 1 13 Orlando Keon Clark

1996 1 12 Cleveland Vitaly Potapenko

1996 1 11 Golden State Todd Fuller

1995 2 46 Miami George Banks

1992 2 54 Sacramento Brett Roberts

Tom Gugliotta

A member of the NBA's all-rookie team in 1993. The Wizards traded Gugliotta and three first-round draft picks for Chris Webber in 1995. He made the all-star team in 1997 and currently plays for Phoenix.

Rasheed Wallace

Wallace, below, was traded to Portland in 1996 along with Mitchell Butler for Rod Strickland and Harvey Grant. He has averaged more than 13 points per game in his career, and close to 16 points per game in the playoffs for the Trail Blazers.

Chris Webber

Has averaged 20 points per game over his six-plus seasons in the NBA. The Wizards traded the former all-star to the Kings in 1998 for Mitch Richmond and Otis Thorpe. Webber led the Kings to their first winning record since the 1982-83 season.