Keys for the Giants

1. Can the Giants get Jeff Kent going again?

It is doubtful they can survive another series with Kent barely contributing offensively. Would San Francisco Manager Dusty Baker do something radical, such as move Kent back to his old spot behind Barry Bonds, instead of in front of him?

2. Will Bonds's supporting cast continue to produce?

Benito Santiago, Rich Aurilia and J.T. Snow made the Cardinals pay for walking Bonds. They must be just as good in this series, if not better.

3. Is Jason Schmidt ready to be an ace?

With his stuff, he should've been a 20-game winner by now. But reputations are cemented in October, and Schmidt can improve his greatly by winning a couple of times in this series.

Keys for the Angels

1. How often will they pitch to Bonds?

It is a certainty that the Angels will walk Bonds in situations when they can get away with it. The key will be how they approach Bonds in the situations in which they can't -- especially with only one lefty in the bullpen.

2. Will the rookies hold up?

Right-handed starter John Lackey and reliever Francisco Rodriguez were two of the biggest factors in the ALCS. Let's see how they do against Bonds with a World Series game on the line.

3. Can Troy Glaus win a game or two?

Glaus has four homers in the postseason, but is 1 for 6 with runners in scoring position. To beat the Giants, they will need more from their most dangerous hitter.

-- Dave Sheinin

San Francisco's Game 1 starter Jason Schmidt.