How acquired: Signed as a free agent this summer after spending nine seasons with the Utah Jazz.

Role: Defensive stopper on the wing, three-point threat and locker room leader.

Factoid: Loves to play pool. Says he's a decent shot from the corners.

How acquired: Came to Washington along with Brian Cardinal and Ratko Varda in offseason trade for Richard Hamilton, Hubert Davis and Bobby Simmons.

Role: Will be the No. 1 or No. 2 scorer depending on the opponent and the flow of the game. He also will be asked to put pressure on the ball defensively and get to the foul line.

Factoid: As a teenager, Stackhouse used to tag, bag and load cured tobacco at auctions in his hometown of Kinston, N.C.

How acquired: Part of a trade with the Dallas Mavericks in 2001. Re-signed to a four-year free agent contract before last season.

Role: The veteran big man will be a backup at power forward and center. His savvy, passing skills and ability to shoot from outside allow the Wizards to run a motion offense in the lane.

Factoid: Was named after Christian Diestl, a German military character in the film "The Young Lions" played by Marlon Brando.

How acquired: Signed as a free agent from the Los Angeles Lakers in 2001.

Role: Lue will back up Larry Hughes at point guard. Known for his pressure defense, Lue also has a nice three-point shooting touch (43 percent for his career). Lue also will be used in transition.

Factoid: Has been the early-season subject of ridicule of his teammates because Nebraska, where he attended college, is struggling in football this season.

How acquired: Signed as a free agent this summer after spending the past 21/2 seasons with the Golden State Warriors.

Role: Hughes will start at point guard. He's a defensive ball-hawk whose range and athletic ability will force opponents to be far more protective with the ball. His height also will prevent some of the back-court mismatches the team had last year.

Factoid: An active spokesman for organ donation. His younger brother Justin's life was in jeopardy before receiving a heart transplant at age 11.

How acquired: In trade from Dallas in the Juwan Howard deal in February 2001.

Role: The burly Thomas will back up at center and power forward. He will be needed to rebound and score on putbacks. He will also be a secondary enforcer to Charles Oakley, who likely will be out on the floor with Thomas.

Factoid: The team eclectic. A major reader who enjoys authors Nathan McCall and Sister Souljah.

How acquired: Drafted with the No. 11 overall pick last summer out of Indiana.

Role: The active, lanky Jeffries will back up Russell at small forward and play point forward and power forward in some situations. A strong offensive rebounder, Jeffries could significantly contribute if he gets more aggressive offensively.

Factoid: A big video game junkie. "Max Payne" (on Nintendo Xbox) is his favorite game.

How acquired: Drafted No. 1 overall in 2001.

Role: At nearly 7 feet, the big man from Georgia will start at power forward. He has shown drastic improvement from last season but must still become more active when rebounding and make his free throws. The team will need him to be a presence inside so opponents don't load up on Washington's perimeter.

Factoid: Loves to play cards, particularly spades. "I'll play all night but when some of the guys start throwing out money, I go to the back of the plane," Brown said.

How acquired: Signed a two-year free agent contract in 2001-02 after spending 19 months as the Wizards' part owner and president of basketball operations.

Role: Jordan will be the sixth man for the first time in his high school, college or pro career. However, he will also be on the floor during crunch time. He will be counted on to score but also keep his teammates involved by being more of a facilitator.

Factoid: Jordan does not need to look in the mirror. His likeness is all over his teammates, coaches and team personnel, who all have been outfitted with Brand Jordan gear.

How acquired: Traded from Orlando in summer 2001 in exchange for G Laron Profit and a future first-round draft pick.

Role: Haywood will be the team's last line of defense. The starting center is a proven shot-blocker but he must also get tougher on offense by establishing good post position and commanding the ball.

Factoid: Struck a very "worthwhile" deal with rookie Juan Dixon to give up his No. 3 jersey from last season so Dixon could wear the number he sported at Maryland.

How acquired: Drafted No. 17 overall from Maryland.

Role: Dixon will be the third point guard behind Hughes and Lue, and will be used in situations when the Wizards go to a small lineup or need extra defensive pressure in the back court.

Factoid: One of three Wizards to lead his college team to an NCAA title (Michael Jordan at North Carolina in 1982 and Christian Laettner at Duke in 1991 and '92) and one of five players from the ACC with Washington.

How acquired: Signed as a free agent during training camp earlier this month.

Role: Enforcer. Oakley will be a situational player who could work himself into the regular rotation. He probably will come in off the bench with Jordan to make sure opponents do not get too rough with No. 23. Rebounds and a few baskets a game are bonuses.

Factoid: The only player on the team with a longer NBA tenure (17 seasons) than Jordan (14 seasons).

On the Injured List

Forward Brian Cardinal and center Ratko Varda -- who were acquired in the Stackhouse trade -- and Jahidi White round out the Wizards' front court, but each is on the injured list.

White, a 6-9, 290-pound bruising center-forward, had surgery on his left knee during the offseason. The five-year veteran (Georgetown) was second on the team in rebounding with 6.3 per game last season.

Varda, a 7-1, 265-pound center who likely would have been drafted into the Yugoslavian army had he been cut, has established himself as a skilled big man but was hampered throughout the preseason by a hamstring injury.

At 6-8, 245 pounds, Cardinal is a good outside shooter, but the scrappy forward also will be used in situations when Washington needs energy off the bench or a defensive presence.

-- Steve Wyche