The Washington Redskins are likely to move training camp from their longtime site at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pa., to Redskins Park in Ashburn.

The team's five-year contract with Dickinson is divided into one-year increments, and the Redskins have the option to move each November.

"Right now, you could probably correctly say that it looks like we're going to stay" at Redskins Park, Coach Steve Spurrier said yesterday.

Details haven't been firmed but Spurrier said one possibility was that the players would stay at nearby Lansdowne resort. "The set-up right around here is very nice," said Spurrier, who would open practices to the general public. "As long as we don't put up a circus atmosphere."

The Redskins would also occasionally work out at FedEx Field, Spurrier said.

In 2000, the team held camp at Redskins Park, but charged fans for admission and parking, an unusual move that drew widespread criticism. Under NFL guidelines, charging admission meant that scouts from opposing teams could also attend the workouts.

Team officials have said that they won't charge fans again to attend training-camp practices.

Last year, then-coach Marty Schottenheimer returned training camp to Carlisle, where the club has started the preseason for more than three decades.

On the first day of camp this summer, Spurrier questioned the value of training so far away from home. But the coach later softened his tone and left a return possible.

"I probably should have waited. I probably spoke too soon that first day," Spurrier said yesterday.

A team official said that it was Spurrier's decision but didn't expect an announcement until after the season.