Lloyd Scott lumbered to the finish in the New York City Marathon five days after starting -- and wearing an antique 130-pound deep-sea diving outfit.

Scott, a leukemia survivor and former firefighter in England, carried the Union Jack and an American flag into Central Park on Friday.

He arrived more than half a week after Kenyan winners Rodgers Rop and Joyce Chepchumba and more than 31,000 runners crossed the line on Sunday.

Scott, who billed his five-borough journey as the slowest NYC Marathon, was raising money to fight leukemia and assist families of firefighters who died in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Scott trudged along the 26.2-mile course with a 40-pound helmet and with boots weighing 25 pounds each. He stayed in firehouses along the route at night.

Scott, intent on showing what cancer victims can accomplish, also wore a diver's outfit for the London Marathon in April, finishing in six days.

"We commend Lloyd Scott for his efforts and his support of a great cause," the New York Road Runners Club, the organizer of the marathon, said in a statement.

The club said race rules state that the course officially closes 81/2 hours after the start for all able-bodied participants. Those with disabilities have 11 hours to finish.

Scott had received an official entry number and the club said it would invite him to take part again.