"They have done what they needed to do to win their conference, so you can't take that away from Georgetown Prep. Right now, I think they are the number one team. You cannot fault them that they didn't play teams for whatever reasons. They played the hand that they were dealt and handled everything accordingly. If they want to continue as a strong program, being number one is not enough. They're going to have to be consistent."

-- Craig Jefferies, Dunbar

"It's the same argument you hear in college. It's hard to fault a team if they beat every opponent that they have been put against and win their conference title. When all is said and done, the rankings aren't all that important because we don't get a trophy for winning a ranking."

-- Randy Trivers, Northwest

"I think that you have to look at strength of schedule and how many games teams played. For instance, if you go through the Virginia state playoffs and play 14 football games and you win your region and entire state, that says an awful lot about your team. It's easy to beat somebody once, but it's hard to beat them a second time."

-- Bill McGregor, DeMatha

"This is a very special team that has accomplished so much on the football field. I know people talk about our schedule, and who we play and don't play. But when you have a defense that this season has a plus-24 turnover ratio and held teams to an average of 54.6 yards a game, I think you can compete with anyone. I'm very proud of this team. If we should be ranked number one, it would be nice. But [if not] it doesn't take away from what we have done."

-- Dan Paro, Georgetown Prep