Oakton's First Score

Early in the third quarter of a scoreless game, Oakton faced a difficult decision on fourth and inches from the Western Branch 1-yard line. Oakton fullback-linebacker Danny Prentice waved his arms, imploring his coaches to go for it. Pete Bendorf obliged, and Prentice got enough for the first down. Moments later, he punched the ball in to make the score 7-0.

Final score: Oakton 17, Western Branch 14 (2 OT)

Hylton's Final Score

Hylton led 15-8 late in the third quarter and faced fourth and goal from Thomas Dale's 3-yard line. Coach Lou Sorrentino decided against kicking a field goal. Instead, senior quarterback Jeff Overton lined up as a running back, took the handoff from sophomore Tristen Simmons and scored the game's final touchdown to secure the win.

Final score: Hylton 22, Thomas Dale 8

South Lakes' Chance

Phoebus fumbled its first possession two minutes into the game, and then on South Lakes's ensuing drive, the Phantoms gave the Seahawks a first down at the Phoebus 49-yard line with a roughing-the-kicker penalty. But the Seahawks followed with a penalty, two plays for a total of one yard and an interception. Just over two minutes later, the Phantoms scored their first touchdown and were on their way to the lopsided win.

Final score: Phoebus 55, South Lakes 0