Prince George's County Supervisor of Athletics Earl Hawkins confirmed yesterday that four county teams had to forfeit one game for violating rules when they conducted after-school practices on Jan. 16. The practices were held after the county school's office of the chief executive canceled that day's activities because of the threat of inclement weather.

Eleanor Roosevelt's boys' and girls' basketball teams had to forfeit their respective victories over High Point on Jan. 17, and the school's wrestling team had to forfeit its match against Gwynn Park on Jan. 25. DuVal's wrestling team had to forfeit its Jan. 22 match against Friendly after a seven-member panel composed of four athletic directors, one principal and the sports representatives from the three sports involved, determined all four teams conducted illegal practices, Hawkins said.

"The schools took full responsibility," Hawkins said. "When the superintendent cancels after-school activities, you are not allowed to practice."

Roosevelt Principal Sylvester Conyers said he was responsible for the infraction, not his coaches.

"It was completely my mistake," Conyers said. "I misinterpreted the information I got, and what I did was wrong. It won't happen again."

DuVal Athletic Director Carol Konrad did not return phone calls yesterday.