-- Although trade talk increased over the day, it remains unlikely the Washington Wizards will make a deal before Thursday's 3 p.m. NBA trade deadline, two team sources said.

"Unless something drastically changes, I don't think anything is going to happen," Wizards Coach Doug Collins said before tonight's game with the Hornets.

Most of the proposals the Wizards discussed were far-fetched, a team source said. Washington's salary structure also could prevent it from making any big deals for a high-salaried player. Since swingman Jerry Stackhouse makes a team-high $6.3 million -- a relatively small figure for a team's highest-paid player -- Washington would have to deal multiple players to make many of the proposed trades for high-salaried players work. In making a trade in the NBA, salaries between exchanged players must be similar.

Collins said that he did not sense any anxiety among his players, something that tends to affect some players around the trade deadline. He added that he has not gotten the feeling that any Wizards' players would rather be elsewhere. A team source added that nobody has asked to be dealt.

"I don't get a sense guys feel like a situation somewhere else could be better or that they would be respected more," Collins said. "Guys know that everybody gets a chance here and I try to do the best I can to respect them and do the best I can coaching them. I don't think anybody's jumping to get out of here."

When it was jokingly suggested that assistant coach Patrick Ewing might want out, Collins quipped: "He has no [trade] value anymore. I told him the other day you can only get something if you give up something."

A league source confirmed that the Wizards almost made a trade for Hornets guard-forward George Lynch this summer after Lynch expressed a desire to be dealt to Washington but the Hornets backed out of the trade. Once the deal fell through, Washington began its pursuit of Bryon Russell, who signed a two-year deal.

Silent Alexander Out

Former Wizards guard Courtney Alexander, traded to New Orleans this summer, missed his second straight game with a groin injury and has temporarily stopped talking to the New Orleans media, claiming he needed to focus on getting himself right so he could perform to his potential.