Following an extended workout session Thursday morning prior to sitting out the Spurs' 112-110 overtime win against the Mavericks, San Antonio's David Robinson, a Navy alum, was asked about anti-war comments made by Dallas's Steve Nash and Nick Van Exel.

"I think they obviously have no recollection of history and how this country was formed," Robinson said. "You've got 35 other countries that are supporting us. Obviously, somebody thinks this is the right thing to do. I mean, it's not like we're out there by ourselves.

"If it's an embarrassment to them, maybe they should be in a different country. This is America, and we're supposed to be proud of the guys we elected and put into office.

Nash wore his "No War. Shoot for Peace" T-shirt at the NBA All-Star Game. Tariq Abdul-Wahad, the French-born Muslim, told the San Francisco Chronicle that he didn't think the war was justified. Evan Eschmeyer voiced his displeasure with Bush's presidency even before the war began.

And then Van Exel, on his local radio show this week, said that while "nobody is dissing America," the Mavericks players generally disagreed with Bush's decision.

He then added: "The Americans on the team, we just think Bush is giving the American people a bad name."

Said Robinson: "History will speak of whether this is the right thing or the wrong thing. But right now, your guys are out there fighting, so support them."

-- From News Services