Clad only in running shoes, shorts and a thin, long-sleeve T-shirt, Maurits Van Der Veen of Philadelphia sloshed his way through wet snow and bone-chilling temperatures to win the inaugural Frederick Marathon yesterday.

Van Der Veen, a 35-year-old political science professor at the University of Pennsylvania, completed the race in 2 hours 37 minutes 11 seconds and earned $500.

Grant Salisbury of Middletown was the runner-up and the area's top finisher in 2:58:21. Becki McClintock of New Cumberland, Pa., won the women's race in 3:28:25. Salisbury's mother, Barry, took second in 3:34:56.

Van Der Veen took an early lead and made it to the halfway point in 1:15. He slowed a bit from there, especially during the difficult final stretch.

"It was tough because there's a turnaround at Mile 18, and you head back into town, which was into the wind," Van Der Veen said. "So when you're getting real tired, you have to deal with running into the wind again."

The wind blew heavy snow into runners' eyes, but Van Der Veen had more problems with the temperature.

"I started thinking, 'You know, I shouldn't really be out here in shorts,' " he said through chattering teeth more than half an hour after the race. "By about five or six miles, I felt like I was warming up. Then I was okay until about [mile] 15, and I started cooling down again and getting worried about whether I would make it before I caught hypothermia."

Though the weather hurt times and made the course more difficult, race organizers were pleased with the turnout. Of the approximately 1,400 who had signed up -- including 620 marathoners and 190 relay teams of four -- only about 100 registered runners stayed home.