VSGA A-Team Matches

International 13 1/2 Stoneleigh 4 1/2

Lowes Island 10, Fairfax 8

Chantilly -- In the WGA opening day tournament, Janis Hayashi, Bev Smith, Zita Tyer and Marilyn Thompson won low gross with 171, and Mary Barclay, Mary Robyak and Jane Starr won low net with 134.

Evergreen -- Kitty Fallows, Linda Nurenburg, Shiela Lewis and Maggie Howard won the opening day tournament with 59.

Fauqier Springs -- In the icebreaker tournament, teams of Frank Castelli, Mike Lyons, Butch Steiner, Lucille Conolly and Dave Stewart, John Gasazza, Digger Leazer, Robin Demattia tied at 67.

Hidden Creek -- In the Iron Man Challenge, Dan Lesando won low gross with 71, and Scott Hobson won low net with 67.

Manor -- In the members' opening day tournament, John Ohly and Charlie Smith won low net with 60, and Tim Meinhardt and Sterling Radcliff won low gross with 71.

Mount Vernon -- In the Men's Golf Association opening day scramble, Craig Floyd, John Kelly, Terry Vernier and Doug Cleary won with 57. In the CLGA ladies day points tournament, Becky Ruff won low net with plus-10, and Linda Duvall won low gross with 23 points.

Redgate -- Gary Rivers won the opening day tournament with 73.

Tantallon -- Curtis Spencer, Ed Burakowski, and Jeff Short won the men's opening day tournament with 64.

Washington -- Les Sunderland, John Holmes, Bill Goodrich and Hunt Brassfield won low net with 53, and John Moses, Steve Caruthers, Richard Barazotto and Vince Tramonte won low gross with 66.

Westwood -- John Sadowski, Mark Chaikin, Mike Magnotti, and John Treires won low net in the Opening Day tournament with 119. Dino Brown, Michael O'Connor, Matt White, and Bill Dvoranchik won low gross with 143.