ESPN has had its share of reality television recently.

Yesterday, Joe Namath apologized to ESPN reporter Suzy Kolber for his comments during Saturday night's Patriots-Jets game.

"Joe apologized, I accepted, it's over," Kolber said after the Hall of Fame quarterback phoned her.

Namath, at the Meadowlands for the Jets' announcement of their Four-Decade Team, twice told Kolber he wanted to kiss her while she was interviewing him on the sideline.

Asked by Kolber about what the team's struggles meant to him, Namath replied: "I want to kiss you" and leaned toward her.

He added he believed the team would come back next season with Chad Pennington available to play quarterback all year. Namath capped off the interview by repeating: "I want to kiss you."

Kolber responded to Namath's comments by saying "Thanks, Joe. A huge compliment" and turned things back to the announcers in the booth.

Monday night the sports network aired an interview with Texas Tech men's basketball coach Bob Knight and Iowa Coach Steve Alford, who played for Knight at Indiana. Knight, displeased when asked by reporter Fran Fraschilla about the perception of the two coaches' rocky relationship, went into a profanity-laced tirade directed at the media. He claimed the media made it a story when there wasn't one, and during that portion of the interview did not allow Alford to speak.

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Texas Tech Coach Bob Knight greets Iowa's Steve Alford, his former player. After Monday's game, Knight lashed out over question about their rocky relationship.