A young girl was hit in the head by a foul ball and was carried from the stands on a stretcher during yesterday's game between the Rockies and the visiting Phillies.

The girl, sitting about 20 rows behind the Colorado dugout on the first base side of the stadium, was struck by a foul ball hit by the Phillies' David Bell in the seventh inning.

Paramedics attended to her for about 10 minutes before putting her in a neck brace and taping her head to a stretcher. She was wrapped in a blanket and was holding hands with a man, who apparently accompanied her to the game.

A paramedic said the girl suffered a head injury and was taken to Children's Hospital in Denver.

* NOTHING TO SNEEZE AT: Sammy Sosa felt a bit sheepish while explaining why he wasn't able to play against the Padres.

He sneezed twice shortly after arriving in the clubhouse before the game, which brought on back spasms and forced him to grab a chair to support himself. While his Cubs teammates were out beating the Padres, 4-2, for a three-game sweep, Sosa spent the afternoon in the trainer's room receiving treatment.

"It would have been better if I had hit off the wall or we have a fight or something, but this . . . you know what I mean?" Sosa said. "What can you do? Some things in life you cannot control."

-- From News Services