Been away for two weeks, which doesn't make cranky Talkbackers happy.

You keep writing about how the Montreal Expos would be perfect for this town. Well, who are they? I couldn't name one of them, and that is because The Post and other Washington media outlets don't tell us all about them. Portland, Charlotte and San Jose fans know more about the Expos than we do. You are at fault.

Terry Scott Boykie, Washington

Go ahead if you want to blame me for any of your misfortunes (washing machine woes, leaky air conditioner, etc.) . But I no longer make decisions about what the sports section covers. However, if The Post covered every team that had eyes for D.C., the past 33 years we would have staffed the Padres, Giants, A's , White Sox and Astros.

Nice to see D.C. may actually get a baseball team so I can stop reading about this quest. But if you get another Senators you will then be complaining about the owner, or the team, just like you do about the Wizards and Caps.

Also, despite what you wrote, as New Yorkers, we Yankee fans have every right to boo Derek Jeter. We do so for encouragement. If we cheered him every time he grounded out, what good would that do him?

Jonathan O'Reilly, New York

You may be right that we would be critical if Washington gets a baseball team that doesn't do the kind of things that make for a first-class organization. On the other hand, if you're looking for a pat on the back for booing Derek Jeter, forget it.

Coverage creates fans. Just read the newspapers, watch the local TV news or listen to the radio as they refer to the Baltimore team as "Our O's."

When the Colts left Baltimore, did their fans embrace the Redskins? No, they said the Redskins are not our team and we are not supporting anyone until we get a team of our own. If The Post had not encouraged driving up to Memorial Stadium in the 1980s, maybe we would not be in the bind we are now.

Dave McGaw, Cabin John

Actually, the Baltimore Sun increased its Redskins coverage after the Colts moved to Indianapolis. But I agree with you that few Baltimore fans embraced the Redskins. However, no one at The Post encouraged readers to support the Orioles; the newspaper covered the team.