The video basketball game was tied at Tim Duncan's court outside his home in the Virgin Islands when a player no one ever heard of, wearing a purple business suit and more jewelry than a rap star, dunked on last season's most valuable player and reveled in victory.

It capped an impressive run for this unknown superstar, who just days earlier had already pounded Allen Iverson and Shaquille O'Neal in their own backyards, and in Jalen Rose's case, the court on his yacht.

Now, only one question remains: What's this new guy going to do with his earnings? Make an addition to his mansion -- maybe a swimming pool? Or what about a new luxury car?

Midway Sports, the company that first took basketball over the-top with the video game classic "NBA Jam" more than a decade ago, returns with a vengeance with its latest sports video game, "NBA Ballers" ($39.99 for Xbox, PlayStation2, GameCube).

"NBA Ballers" trades the traditional, 5-on-5 variety for an in-your-face, one-on-one style that thrives in Rags to Riches Mode. Users create a player down to the smallest detail -- like the size of his nose -- and try to earn money toward living like a multi-millionaire athlete by defeating opponents who include many of the NBA's biggest stars.

The game features outstanding graphics and gameplay, and is an unconventional hybrid of street basketball and the MTV Show "Cribs," which, depending on your preference of sports video games, makes "NBA Ballers" either a slam dunk or an air ball.

-- Jon Gallo