Since being hired by Coach Joe Gibbs in January, Gregg Williams, the Washington Redskins' assistant head coach in charge of defense, has seen his family only three times because of work. Williams is no different from the rest of Gibbs's 12-person coaching staff, which has put in interminable hours preparing for the 2004 season. The coaches, including Gibbs, finally take a one-month break starting in late June. "I'm going to enjoy the family time," Williams said. " . . . I don't want the staff doing anything during the time they have off. . . . So we're going to recharge our batteries. . . . The coaches need it just as much as the players right now. I can tell you I do." Gibbs Recalls Reagan Gibbs was originally hired by the Redskins the same year Ronald Reagan started his two-term presidency from 1981 to 1989. Gibbs, who visited the White House after guiding the Redskins to the 1983 Super Bowl, recalled talking football with Reagan in the hallway leading to the Rose Garden. "He said, ' I played football, you know,' " Gibbs said yesterday, doing a slight Reagan impersonation. "And I said, 'Yes, sir.' And he said, 'You know I played guard.' I said, 'Guard.' He said, 'I still sign a lot of things with the number 33.' I think that's the number he said." Taylor's Eyes 'Sensitive' One day after linebacker LaVar Arrington's shaving-cream-pie-in-the face prank on rookie safety Sean Taylor went awry, this year's fifth overall pick wore sunglasses while watching practice from the sidelines. Taylor declined to comment, but Gibbs acknowledged that it was a precautionary measure because the rookie felt irritation in his eyes. "I think his eyes were kind of sensitive," Gibbs explained. The laughs spurred by Arrington's prank halted when Taylor began screaming that he couldn't see. But Taylor was able to drive home after trainers tended to him. Wideout Laveranues Coles, who played despite a fractured toe in his right foot for much of last season, has virtually ruled out offseason surgery. The main reason for the decision, Coles said yesterday, is that the toe would take four months to completely heal. Instead, Coles has been fitted with a special shoe and has been kept out of some drills. Arrington said that the most impressive unit during minicamp has been the offensive line, which assistant head coach of offense Joe Bugel has dubbed "the dirtbags." Said Arrington: "He's got those guys on some different type of agenda: 'The dirtbags.' That's their new nickname." Staff writer Jason LaCanfora contributed to this report.