The commissioners of the six conferences that make up the Bowl Championship Series moved closer yesterday to finalizing a plan in which one of the four BCS bowls -- the Fiesta, Orange, Rose or Sugar -- would host two games each year, the second being for the national championship.

The model could be firmed up by the end of the week, Kevin Weiberg, the commissioner of the Big 12 and the incoming head of the BCS, said yesterday.

The Rose Bowl and its partners, the Pacific-10 and Big Ten, will open negotiations on a new television contract with ABC on Friday. Weiberg said the commissioners would like officials to be able to present ABC with a framework around which to negotiate.

"It's likely that's going to be the final model when all is said and done," Weiberg said.

Weiberg said any plan would have to be approved by both ABC and the other bowls involved, and cautioned, "There's a long way to go here."

But he also said the commissioners would like to have the BCS's new model finalized within the next few weeks.

If adopted, the so-called "double hosting" or "piggyback" model would preclude a new bowl -- such as the Cotton, Gator or Peach -- from joining the BCS.

-- Barry Svrluga