Cincinnati men's basketball coach Bob Huggins was arrested on a drunken driving charge after he visited recruits this week in an eastside suburb.

Huggins had slurred speech, and there was vomit on the driver's door when he was stopped in the village of Fairfax, the police report said.

He was arrested after he failed a sobriety test, police said. His wife came to pick him up from the police station.

Huggins was scheduled to appear yesterday evening in court in Fairfax. Police Chief Rick Patterson said it was Huggins's first offense. He could be fined and sentenced to three days in jail.

The university declined to comment until this morning, when Athletic Director Bob Goin will hold a news conference. Huggins's lawyer didn't immediately return a phone message.

Huggins, 50, had a massive heart attack less than two years ago but didn't miss any time coaching the team. The Bearcats went 26-7 last season, won a share of Conference USA's regular season title and lost to Illinois in the second round of the NCAA tournament.

When officers pulled Huggins's car over at 11:35 p.m. Tuesday night, he said, "Don't do this to me," but was cooperative, according to the report by Sgt. Jeff Bronson and two other officers.

Officers said Huggins told them he was on his way home after talking to recruits and had a "couple" of beers. He denied that he was under the influence of alcohol. The report said Huggins had slurred speech and red, watery eyes, the report said. Officers said he "staggered" out of the car and couldn't keep his balance during the sobriety test.

Officers tried to give a breath analyzer test, but Huggins couldn't complete it, the report said.

-- Associated Press