Sam Schroeder has been executive vice president and general manager of Comcast SportsNet in the Mid-Atlantic area for the past 21/2 years. His company televises most of the Baltimore Orioles' games. If the Montreal Expos are relocated to Washington or Northern Virginia, Comcast would seek the television rights for both teams, probably offering viewers an additional channel.

GS: How would a baseball team in Washington or Northern Virginia impact Comcast?

SS: As a business, and this is only hypothetical, it will be a benefit to us. It also will be challenge to produce the games for two teams, cover the news and provide the information to satisfy the diverse interests of our audience. We have viewers from all over the country here and we try to satisfy their interests regardless of the teams they follow. We also try to satisfy the longtime residents here. The notion of a Washington baseball team would enhance everything we do.

Chicago is a model from which to work, as the schedule for both teams works to everyone's benefit.

GS: Are you feeling pressure from the Baltimore Orioles, who are opposed to a team here?

SS: Not in the least. We enjoy a good relationship with the Orioles and expect it to continue.

GS: Would another team in the area diminish the Orioles as a broadcast property?

SS: I don't believe the Orioles would be hurt by the addition of a National League team in Washington or Northern Virginia. We would showcase both teams. It's a fact -- as the professional teams we cover go, so goes Comcast SportsNet.