Avid golfer Dann Florek -- Capt. Donald Cragen in "Law and Order: SVU" -- calls himself a 10 handicap. For about a decade, he also maintained a collection of several hundred . . . antique golf clubs?

There was an old series of videos by Bobby Jones, and he would do all these shots with Hollywood stars, it was extraordinary. He had these old wooden shafted things with little ends. I was thinking, I have the best equipment I can buy and I can't even hit it straight, and he's doing it with a rope. That got my interest started.

What happened when you would try to hit with those clubs?

Well, not much, would be the honest answer. Especially with the hickory-shafted stuff, it was so whippy. . . . The one thing I kept was literally an old golf set from Scotland. What made it even more interesting to me was in the pockets were old pencils, some tees, a couple of old balls, and there were even some scorecards. The guy was shooting 90, and I thought, he's a hack, just like me.

So in the "Law and Order" family, are you lowest handicap?

That I don't know. I will tell you this, Jerry Orbach is a big golfer, and he's a legendary pool player, too. As you'd suspect, he's got a great short game. Right now, I've hardly been able to play because of work, so I'm probably more like bogey. When I get to California during the hiatus, I get it down to 11. It's actually 11 -- that's like a golfer, isn't it, lying about one stroke? As far as the actual cast, nothing against them, they're good buddies, but I can't imagine Ice-T or Richard Belzer on the golf course.

This is great, thanks.

Thank you. I'll probably hang up and start putting on the carpet now. I start thinking about it, and I can't stop.

-- Dan Steinberg