Rachel Bolan, bassist and co-founder of classic hair band Skid Row, has been a motor sports fan since his New Jersey childhood, when he went to races in Englishtown and watched his brother take apart engines on their front lawn. Bolan, who still tours with Skid Row, drives 5/8 scale replicas of classic stock cars in 600 Racing's Legends series. So, yes, his crime is time.

When did you start racing cars?

Wow, that was a while ago. I did a celebrity race in '90, something like that. We were in street cars, the day before the Denver Grand Prix Indy race. I think I drove a Geo Storm.

How does racing compare to being on stage?

It's the same kind of rush in a way. Getting ready backstage, you're putting your game face on. And when you hit the gas and they drop the green flag, it's like the same thing as when you hit the first note of the first song and the curtain goes up. But you can mess up a song and it's still not the same as turning your car over a couple times.

So what would you need to do to win a race?

Maybe get a little bit more experienced, maybe a little more aggressive. Sometimes I worry a little too much about the people racing around me, which you have to do in a way because you don't want to put anyone in a wall or flip anyone over. But sometimes people get aggressive and . . . you have to bash them back.

The Skid Row bassist, not aggressive enough?

(Laughing) In my car.

Any favorite drivers?

I was a Dale Earnhardt Sr. fan forever, and when he got killed, it kind of took the life out of it for me. But now Dale Jr. is coming up in his own right. . . . I just got an opportunity to meet him and he was cool, man. He was super cool. He could be in a rock band without a doubt.

-- Dan Steinberg