A June 22 Sports article reported that Sean Carrigan finished second in the Colonial Athletic Association wrestling tournament as a senior in 1997. Carrigan was second as a junior in 1996. (Published 6/24/04)

We could tell you all about Sean Carrigan's reality show debut, but instead we'll defer to an expert.

"Bo-ring, Bo-ring," intoned casting director Marki Costello during last Tuesday's episode of "Next Action Star" on NBC. Costello, one of three judges, wasn't finished with Carrigan. She later described the former George Mason wrestler and professional boxer as "boresville" and lamented, "My God, is he snoozeville."

Despite the critique, the 30-year-old -- who "totally has the look," according to a second judge -- survived the episode and is one of 20 remaining contestants vying for a spot in an upcoming action movie.

"I don't really agree with that woman," an amused Carrigan said in a telephone interview. "What are you going to do, everyone's a critic. . . . When I started out [in sports], my father told me 'You have to work harder than everyone,' and it's that determination that I think helps me in my acting career. It also helps you keep going, rejection after rejection."

Still, any exposure is welcome for the Florida native, who came within one point of a Colonial Athletic Association wrestling title and NCAA tournament berth as a George Mason senior in 1997.

Under the direction of father Pat, a Vienna resident, the younger Carrigan later won a Virginia State Amateur heavyweight boxing title and amassed an 8-0 record in a brief pro career before turning to acting.

Thespian highlights have included appearances on "The Young and the Restless" and "Cold Case," and a guest role on "Scrubs." In the latter, all his lines were deleted from the final cut, a disappointment he described as "totally humiliating."

Which is why he couldn't refuse his agent's suggestion that he audition for "Next Action Star," where his profession is listed as "bouncer," although he hasn't actually bounced for several years.

The ever-disciplined Carrigan wouldn't talk about the show's final results, but he does feature more prominently in upcoming episodes, including tonight's.

"The one woman didn't seem to like him too much," acknowledged Brian Shaffer, Carrigan's coach at George Mason. "I hope he makes it -- maybe we'll have the Sean Carrigan Wrestling Complex in a few years."

-- Dan Steinberg