You really ought to start Livin' the Way Vince Gill does. The 16-time Grammy winner is a scratch golfer, recorded his fifth hole-in-one on Tuesday and will play in his own celebrity golf event -- "The Vinny" -- starting today. Gill and wife Amy Grant will perform on the west lawn of the Capitol during Sunday's July 4 concert.

Ever wish you were playing on the PGA Tour?

Oh, of course I do, all the time. Who knows if I had enough game. If I hadn't done the music, maybe.

How would you do?

I think I would choke like the ugliest dog you ever saw. I've actually had some invites to play the Nationwide events and I always say no, someone else who plays this game for a living needs this chance. I'd hate to take that chance and fire a couple of 80s at them.

Was the U.S. Open too hard?

I just think the last day the wind blew and it dried out too much, and a couple holes you just couldn't play. I probably couldn't have broken 100. I wouldn't have wanted to find out.

If you had a downhill six-footer at No. 17 for a share of the lead, would you make it?

Oh, probably not, but every living soul wishes they could. I felt sorry for Phil [Mickelson], he played just like Retief [Goosen] did, he made every putt he had to make all day long, and then he finally missed a couple and that's all everyone's going to remember. Good God, that's like putting downhill on a pool table.

Are you talented at other sports?

I was a good baseball player, played some hoops. I threw three no-hitters in junior high. That doesn't really count, does it?

-- Dan Steinberg