I could have interviewed someone famous in this space this week, but The Talkbackers, sensing Bud Selig's "Decision 2004" is nearing, are more interesting.

The proposal to put a baseball team out by Dulles Airport is a terrible idea. How many times a year will fans from D.C. or the Maryland suburbs fight rush-hour traffic to go out there to a game?

I think there is reason to doubt that Washington will ever get a team unless baseball is threatened with the loss of its undeserved antitrust exemption. Bud Selig has done everything he could to keep a franchise out of Washington.

Bill Nelson, Falling Waters, W. Va.

Bud Selig has promised to do what's in the best interests of Major League Baseball. We'll see.

I wish you would stop acting and writing like a 6-year old! Yes, I realize that Peter Angelos and Bud Selig are obstacles and the D.C. area should have a baseball team. Yes, there are lots of things in the so-called "process" that should have been resolved a long time ago, and that we should be watching baseball right now at a new ballpark. I'm from Baltimore, growing up as an Orioles fan. But I have attended only two games in the past five years -- to root for the visiting team! I'm fed up with Angelos as much as you are, if not more so. But to keep whining is ridiculous. Enough already!

Les Crue, Germantown, Md.

Les: Who's whining? You think I'm whining? You're whining. Your whining e-mail is a copy of my yearlong whine. But we should do lunch at Zola and have a glass of you know what.

After all of the drumbeating you did for a baseball team in D.C. how could you possibly say a team in Virginia is okay?

Virginia's plan is just another sterile suburban mall. There are not enough residents in the vicinity nor is there enough activity nearby to generate interest.

Worse, it will present the same set of problems D.C. residents have driving to Baltimore. I will not drive an hour to Virginia to watch a baseball game.

If baseball awards the franchise to Virginia, D.C. should refuse to host the team at RFK. The Virginia ballpark is simply an appeasement to Peter Angelos.

Michael Laff, Washington

I prefer the team to be in the District but can live with suburban Virginia if that's Bud's decision. Both sites are better than Portland or the other candidates.