Ivan Rodriguez C

Why he's an all-star: He managed the best batting average in baseball (.372) despite going from the World Series champion Florida Marlins to, well, Detroit.

All-star highlight: Tied the record for singles in a game (three) in 1998.

Appearances: 11

First base

Jason Giambi

Why he's an all-star: This one's tough. His .240 batting average certainly didn't win over fans, but maybe those Arm & Hammer commercials did. Oh, and he is a Yankee . . .

All-star highlight: Hit a home run during his only at-bat last year.

Appearances: five

Second base

Alfonso Soriano

Why he's an all-star: The leading vote-getter, Soriano apparently didn't understand that only Yankees are supposed to start in the infield.

All-star highlight: His only career hit was a home run in the 2001 game.

Appearances: three

Third base

Alex Rodriguez

Why he's an all-star: Thanks in large part to his 21 home runs, he'll become the first converted shortstop to start at third base since Cal Ripken.

All-star highlight: Hit a home run in 1998.

Appearances: seven


Derek Jeter

Why he's an all-star: He recovered from a miserable slump that landed him on the cover of Sports Illustrated and is batting .370 over the last 30 days.

All-star highlight: Won the MVP in 2000.

Appearances: six


Manny Ramirez

Why he's an all-star: A regular for this game, he's not skating in on reputation. He leads the league with 24 home runs and ranks in the top five with 71 RBI.

All-star highlight: Had two hits and an RBI in 2002.

Appearances: six


Vladimir Guerrero

Why he's an all-star: In what may be his best season, Guerrero ranks in the top five in almost every offensive category, including batting average, RBI and home runs.

All-star highlight: He scored a run in 2002, his first in the all-star game.

Appearances: five


Ichiro Suzuki

Why he's an all-star: No matter what the situation -- facing a right-hander or a left-hander, in a day game or night game, on turf or grass -- he always hits better than .300.

All-star highlight: Made a diving catch to rob Albert Pujols in 2003.

Appearances: four