There is a chance that at the next MLB owner's meeting, Aug. 18-19 in Philadelphia, the fate of the Montreal Expos might be resolved. But don't bet on it.

Peter Angelos says he needs the Washington area to be able to compete with the Yankees. He has had that for 11 years. When does he plan on starting that competition?

Rob Tureman, Alexandria

Angelos has a lot on his mind: the Expos, D.C. Northern Virginia, the Baltimore mayor, his woeful pitching staff, Rosecroft Raceway and who knows what else? Stop picking on him, Rob.

Your constant and disingenuous whining is getting to be a bit much -- but it does make for humorous reading.

As you wrote recently, "Who cares about our plight?" is really what this is all about. It's about you. All of us in Baltimore would feel better if you just admitted the following:

A franchise in D.C. would seriously harm an Orioles franchise that already cannot financially compete with the Yankees and Red Sox.

The Montreal Expos should not be moved, but contracted, along with three or four other teams, for the good of the game.

Mark A. Bond, Baltimore

The commissioner tried contracting the Expos and Minnesota Twins three years ago. His efforts were rebuffed and he said last week there are no plans to contract any teams.

But I'm glad I amuse you and you think this 33-year effort by people in the Washington metropolitan area to regain a baseball is about me.

Two years ago, I stopped going to Orioles games and it had nothing to do with the performance of the team. It was Peter Angelos and his determination to keep a team from Washington. I also l disagree on the number of people the Orioles claim from the D.C area. It's nowhere near 25 percent, as the Orioles claim. More like 5 percent.

Daniel S. Laibstain, Washington

Venting against Angelos will get you nowhere. MLB Commissioner Bud Selig needs to make the decision on the relocation of the Expos in the best interest of baseball and the 4.5 million people who live in this area. Baltimore and Washington are separate markets.