You say 21/2 hours of Lance every night on OLN isn't enough? Cover stories in Sports Illustrated, ESPN the Magazine, Outside, Men's Journal and even Esquire still don't satisfy your two-wheeled needs?

Welcome to "Lance Armstrong, Images of a Champion," a 208-page coffee-table book with lavish photography by Graham Watson and essays and commentary by Lance and his supporters, including Robin Williams, self-described comique domestique.

But the book, which lists for $35, is all about the photos and Watson doesn't disappoint, with scenes of the peloton snaking through the sumptuous French countryside and up and down the Alps. Of course, there are the obligatory photos of Lance grinding uphill, Lance with arms raised triumphantly, Lance sweating, Lance bleeding -- you get the picture.

There's a perfunctory nod to Lance's ex-wife, but apparently only to provide a context for photos of Lance fussing over his young children. Alas, no pics of Lance's current squeeze, Sheryl Crow. Greg LeMond is also a conspicuous no-show in the text and photos.

If this sounds like it may be your type of book, it probably is -- and if it sounds like too much Lance, it may still be your book, because rather than devolving into an oleaginous hagiography, the photos are leavened by Lance's own unaffected commentary, and occasional insight as well.

-- Jim Hage