After run-ins with Tipper Gore, 11 studio albums and countless madcap shows, W.A.S.P. lead shocker Blackie Lawless -- a distant relative of former Yankees pitcher Ryne Duren -- remains an avid fan of baseball, which he calls "a perfect, perfect game." W.A.S.P. will perform Friday night at Jaxx.

Isn't it soul-numbing to root for the favorite?

Not for me, man. I'm looking for winners. George Steinbrenner and Al Davis are my heroes.

Tell me the truth, the album "Unholy Terror" was really about the Red Sox, right?

Not really. It was about Peedro.


Peedro, I call him Peedro, 'cuz he's such a little worm. I don't know why Major League Baseball lets him get away with the [stuff] that they do.

What do you think about the Red Sox?

I only got one thing to say: 26. There is nothing else to be said. . . . That's the only thing any Yankees fan has to turn around and say. Just shrug their shoulders and say, "26."

How does that rivalry compare to other sports rivalries?

Man, it transcends all rivalries. Having grown up in New York, I understand that it's more than just baseball. Because Boston is very provincial; in their world, nothing really exists outside of Boston. They don't give a damn about anybody but them. . . . It's beyond obsessive. This is the professional sports equivalent of stalking.

What did you do after the Aaron Boone home run?

Got drunk. I was in the studio working on the album, and we stopped to watch it, and that was all for the session that night.

-- Dan Steinberg