Georgetown interim athletic director Adam Brick said yesterday that he's in no rush to fill the women's basketball coach opening after Pat Knapp left for the University of Pennsylvania on Wednesday.

With the summer recruiting period at its end, there is less urgency to find a coach. Brick has put no timeline on filling the vacancy.

"We definitely want to take the time to find the right candidate," Brick said. "It's less important to hurry into it. I don't want to hurry. It's too important of a decision."

Brick has three general characteristics in mind for the next coach. He wants someone who will educate the players on and off the court, who has integrity and who can be successful on the court.

"I realize those three things can mean a lot of different things, but in general that's what we are looking for," he said.

Brick has put no limits on the search. He does not rule out a national search or consideration of an internal candidate.

"I don't want to send an unintended message to anyone that they may or may not have an opportunity," Brick said.

Members of the athletic department, university staff and faculty and student-athletes are expected to contribute to the search.

"For me, this is really an information- gathering stage," Brick said. "I want to make the most well-informed decision I can make."

-- Kathy Orton