Chamique Holdsclaw looked happy and relaxed as she mingled with campers at her basketball camp at West Potomac High School yesterday afternoon, but she didn't give any indication of when she will come back to the Washington Mystics or the reasons behind her absence from the team.

Holdsclaw, who will turn 27 next week, has missed three of the Mystics' past four games and has not practiced in that time because of an undisclosed medical issue.

"I just don't feel like I have to discuss my business with anybody, unless it's those who are close to me," Holdsclaw said. "Those are the ones that are going to be there for me, regardless.

"I'm a little disappointed because when a woman has a situation they don't want to discuss, it's automatically, 'Oh, she's pregnant, she's had an abortion,' " Holdsclaw said. "Each day is something new. Yesterday, [someone] told me that there's a rumor that I'm addicted to painkillers. I don't even like taking medication."

Holdsclaw, the Mystics' leading scorer at 19 points per game, pulled out of a trip to Charlotte on July 24 and since has not attended practice. She came back for one game, scoring 12 points in 29 minutes in Washington's 73-65 loss to the Detroit Shock on July 28. The following day, the team issued a statement from Holdsclaw in which she said that she would miss the next two games to focus on her medical issues.

Holdsclaw wouldn't say when she planned to rejoin the Mystics, only that she will come back as soon as she can. The Mystics will resume practicing Aug. 11, but they don't play again until Sept. 1, when they host Indiana.

"I know that my teammates depend on me, but it comes to a point where life is bigger than that, and I'm not worried right now about shooting on a basket or anything like that," Holdsclaw said. "I'm worried about myself. If I'm not good in all facets -- mentally, spiritually, emotionally, health-wise -- and I'm just getting by, everybody's not going to benefit as a whole."