Position: Cornerback.

College: Virginia Tech.

Who He Is: Wilds, notable for his mass of thin dreadlocks, started the first six games of the season for Virginia Tech in his senior season. In his junior year, he led the Big East with five interceptions. He had two interceptions in his first career start in 2001 against Temple.

How He's Doing: The 5-foot-11, 196-pound cornerback hasn't really distinguished himself so far, but he hasn't been bad either. Mostly he's been trying to get a feel for the speed of the pro game. "Just learning to go with my instincts and react a lot quicker," he said. "A fast decision is better than no decision."

Chances of Making the Roster: Wilds is shooting for special teams work while also trying to learn the defense. He has a chance, but not a particularly good one, to end up on the roster. "That's going to be my alley on to making this team right now, so that's what I have to put more of my focus on," Wilds said of special teams. "Coming from Virginia Tech, we put a lot of focus on special teams anyway, so I'm kind of used to it."